Data Warehousing Solutions

Effective preparation of your business data (aka Data Warehousing) is a key activity to ensure you get the greatest value and insights from your company’s data assets.  Black Circle can assist you in preparing and implementing solutions for all Data Warehousing activities from data profiling through to ETL and data integration

Data Profiling / Data Quality Analysis

In order to maximise the return on your data assets it is highly recommended to profile your data to identify and understand any data quality issues that exist. This is similar to conducting a land survey before preparing the foundations for the construction of a sturdy building. Your data is the foundation on which your decisions are based, so the nature of your data needs to be understood in order to make the right decisions and inferences.

Data Integration

Company data tends to be held in many different systems and formats such as HR systems, Accounting systems, Sales / Marketing systems, Operational systems, Excel spreadsheets etc. In order to understand the overall performance of your company all of these data sources need to be linked and related to each other, this process is called Data Integration. Black Circle can aid you to effectively integrate your data using a variety of techniques from Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) through to Data Virtualisation.

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